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Capezio Dance Shoes

Capezio Dance Shoes was founded by Salvatore Capezio who was born in Muro Lucano in Italy in 1871. His father was a construction engineer who wanted Salvatore to be the same, but he wanted to pursue a different career and became a cobbler. There was a lot more work repairing shoes in those days, shoes didn't last as long as they do now.
After training to become a cobbler and attaining a high level of skill he emigrated to the United States of America.
In 1887 he opened his own shop at the tender age of 17. His shop was at the corner of Broadway and 39th Street in New York City, it was also across the street from the Old Metropolitan Opera House.
A lot of his work to begin with, came from the dancers who performed at the old Opera House, so he came to specialize in dance shoes. He also started making shoes as well as repairing them. This came about when he was asked to make a pair of shoes for Jean de Reszke in an emergency. The shoes he made were so good they earned him a reputation as one of the best.
This was the beginnings of Capezio Dance Shoes.
He became well known and his shop became a focal point for performers in the dance industry, who would come in just to meet up with one another and buy Capezio's shoes. One ballet dancer who frequented the Capezio shoe shop was Angelina Passone, they became good friends and married in 1902.
Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova while on tour of the United Staes in 1910, had Capezio make pointe shoes not only for herself, but for entire company. This strengthened his reputation and the Capezio Dance Shoe business began to expand to cover all kinds of dance shoes and also dancewear.
By the 1930s, Capezio's shoes and other products were being used in the big shows and musicals of the day by all the big name stars.
Capezio products continue to be of the same high quality today.