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Social Dancing

What to Wear

Social dancing events happen across a wide spectrum of social scales and therefore there are degrees of formality or informality. Generally, dances on a weekday tend to be more casual than dances on a Friday or Saturday. If you're not sure of the required dress, you should check with the event organiser.

There is an astounding variety of specially designed dance shoes which are now readily available from our suppliers. The designs are attractive and fashionable and well suited for the purpose. They offer foot protection whilst being cool and light, and often feature a silver suede non-slip sole. Trainers or sneakers however, should be avoided to begin with, they can make the feet hot but also make turning a bit more difficult. Our specialist supplier has a range of shoes appropriate to your chosen dance style.

Clothes that are both stylish and appropriate for your chosen dance style will improve your performance as well as your appearance.